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Make your chatbot smarter

Chatbot is a computer program that impersonates human conversations in its natural format, which may include text (since the advent of bots) or spoken language using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and audio analysis. One of the primary aspects of an AI-based bot is that it is dynamic.

How do the Chatbots function?

The main technology that lies behind chatbots is Machine Learning and NLP.

When a question is presented to a chatbot, a series or complex algorithms process the received input, understand what the user is asking, and based on that, determines the answer suitable to the question.

Chatbots have to rely on the ability of the algorithms to detect the complexity of both text and spoken words. Some chatbots perform very well to the point it becomes difficult to differentiate whether the user is a machine or a human.

However, handling complex conversations is a huge challenge; where there is a usage of various figures of speech, it may be difficult for machines to understand.

Types of Chatbots

  • Rule-based chatbots
  • Rule-based chatbots may not be able to hold complex conversations. It can only accomplish the tasks it is programmed to perform unless more improvements are made by the developer.

  • Machine Learning-based chatbots
  • Chatbots that are based on machine learning can hold more complex conversations as they try to process the question and understand the meaning behind the question. It learns from the previous conversation and enables itself to handle more complex questions in the future.

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