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Launch Your own On demand Grocery Delivery App

Get Your Groceries Delivered Easily with Our On demand Grocery Delivery App

An On-demand grocery delivery app is a software platform that allows customers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

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We Create Grocery Apps for All Grocery Business Models

We, at Hungercat, has the agility and capability to match your unique business requirements and objectives with our best-fit grocery app solutions no matter how complex your project is.

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Grocery Marketplaces

Multifold your revenue by automating dispatch, delivery & tracking with fully customizable grocery delivery app.

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Single/Multi Grocery Stores

Grow your business by launching customizable website & mobile apps for your single or multiple grocery stores.

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Grocery Chain Stores

Build Big Basket like turnkey online grocery delivery app for your region with real-time tracking & advanced analytics.

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As a leading grocery app development company, we offer grocery delivery app solutions that can easily scale up and grow your grocery business like never before.

A comprehensive list of all the products available for purchase, organized by category and subcategory.
A search function that enables users to quickly find specific products based on keywords, categories, or other criteria.
A range of filters that allow users to narrow down the product catalog based on factors such as brand, price, ratings, and ingredients.

A feature that enables users to schedule grocery delivery to their home or another location.

A feature that allows users to track their delivery in real-time and get real-time updates on its status.
Integration with mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, to enable users to make secure purchases directly from the app.
A feature that keeps a record of all the orders placed by the user and enables users to reorder items quickly and easily.
A feature that provides access to customer support, including live chat, email, or phone support, to help users with any questions or concerns.
A feature that provides personalized product recommendations based on the user's shopping history, preferences, and location.
A system that allows users to rate and review products, as well as view ratings and reviews from other users.
A feature that sends users notifications about their order status, delivery time, and other important updates.
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Delivery Boy App

A Delivery Boy App for groceries is a software application designed for delivery personnel to manage and coordinate delivery of grocery items to customers.

The delivery personnel can view and update the status of orders assigned to them.
The app can generate the most efficient delivery route based on the location of customers and the order delivery address.
Customers can track the location of the delivery personnel in real-time.
Delivery personnel and customers can communicate through the app to resolve any issues or provide updates.
The app can integrate with payment gateways to allow customers to make payments for their orders.
The app can store customer information, order history, and delivery address to streamline the delivery process.
The app can allow customers to schedule their deliveries for a specific date and time.
The app can include a rating and feedback system, where customers can rate the delivery personnel and provide feedback on their performance.

Admin panel

An admin panel for a grocery app typically includes a suite of tools and interfaces that allow administrators to manage the different aspects of the app, including the products, orders, customer information, and other data.

The ability to add, edit, or delete products, set prices, manage inventory levels, and track product sales.
The ability to view, process, and manage customer orders, including order history, shipping information, and payment details.
The ability to manage and track inventory levels, set reorder points, and receive alerts when stock levels fall below a certain threshold.
View and manage customer profiles, including their personal information, purchase history, and feedback.
Monitor the app's performance and track key metrics such as sales, customer engagement, and conversion rates.
Create and manage marketing campaigns and promotions to increase sales and customer engagement.
Manage and monitor the app's users, including adding, editing, and deleting users and setting user permissions.
Monitor and manage payments, including tracking payment status, processing refunds, and updating payment information.
Create and manage coupon codes and discount promotions to incentivize customers to make purchases.
A feature that sends users notifications about their order status, delivery time, and other important updates.

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